What We Do

Whether it’s a simple driveway project just down the street, or an entire subdivision in the Helena Valley, the staff at Gruber Excavating has the skills and expertise to make your project stand out. Our operators are experienced and dedicated to making sure each step of the job is done with precision and finished on time. We stand by our work and aim to deliver the highest quality excavation services in the Helena area. Our estimates are free. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

Road Building

Road Building

Gruber Excavating is known in the Helena area and across the state for superior road building, and our work ranges from major highway work to scenic walking trails. We have the equipment and expertise to build new roads, resurface and repair existing roads, and design road systems that meet the needs of our clients. We offer gravel, asphalt, and concrete surfacing, and give you the expert advice you need, start to finish.

Parking Lot Construction

Parking Lot Construction

There is a lot more to parking lot construction than first meets the eye, and Gruber Excavating has the experience and know-how to be sure your parking lot project is done right. From the leveling, and compaction, to contouring for proper drainage and paving, we have the background to ensure your next project meets your expectations and is done to specifications. Our parking lot portfolio ranges from small residential lots to large multi-level structures.

Driveway Construction

Driveway Construction

Whether you are in down or on the side of a mountain, our employees are experts in driveway construction. We build simple residential driveways, commercial driveways, and rural driveways, in a variety of surfaces, including gravel, concrete and asphalt. We see to it that the finished product is functional, practical, and esthetically pleasing. We also provide driveway repair and maintenance services.

Site Work

Site Work

The first step in any project is to prepare the ground for construction, and Gruber Excavating has the equipment and expertise to be sure the work is done right from the beginning. Site work can include earthmoving, land leveling, contour grading, and drainage prep. We also offer topsoil removal and screening for use later in landscaping. We are known in the Helena area and beyond for our quality site work that meets specifications every time.


Grader and Scraper

Earthmoving is our specialty at Gruber Excavating and we offer a wide range of grading services, including land shaping, land stripping, drainage correction, and leveling. Our grader and scraper operators are experts with years of experience, and they are efficient on the job, saving you time and money. Whether the job is a simple road rehabilitation project or a massive construction site, we have it covered.

Snow Removal & Sanding

Snow Removal and Sanding

In the winter months, Gruber Excavating provides snow removal and sanding for home and business owners as well as subdivisions. We know that quick snow removal is critical, and we’re there to clear snow and spread sand as soon as it begins to accumulate. Our operators are available on an as-needed basis or by contract, depending on your needs. Consider Gruber Excavating for snow removal and give us a call before the snow flies.

Pond Construction

pond construction

Gruber Excavating specializes in all phases of pond design, construction and restoration. With our expertise, equipment and materials we can construct a pond almost anywhere, and can bring an overgrown, unproductive pond back to life. We start pond construction with a client-centered design process and provide all the services and materials necessary for the project from start to finish.

Dust suppression & Ice Melt

dust suppression and ice melt

Dusty roads can cause unpleasant driving and living conditions, respiratory problems, and even stunted crop growth. We spray liquid magnesium chloride on unpaved surfaces to virtually eliminate dust. From driveways to county and privately owned roads – to construction yards, this product provides amazing results for dust suppression. In the winter, we use it to prevent and eliminate icy roads. Magnesium chloride is a liquid produced from naturally-occurring minerals. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals. When prep work and distribution is done correctly, this product not only suppresses dust, but binds the aggregate and holds the surface together. This creates less erosion and rutting while making the surface harder and more stable. This prolongs the time you will need before regrading and reduces the need for re-graveling.
We work with counties, homeowners, government entities and businesses all across the state. We coordinate grading, water, and delivery of product to ensure every job is as satisfying to the customer, as breathing clean, dust free air.

Dust control services are available in the greater Helena area, Bozeman, Butte and Great Falls.