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About Gruber Excavating and Dust Master

Gruber Excavating is known in the Helena area and beyond for our road building, driveway building & maintenance, and grading. Our reputation is built on more than three decades of commitment to quality and customer service.

The company was founded in 1983 by Bill Gruber with the support of his wife Vicki. Bill started operating while in high school at the mine, then while building roads and bridges as a Navy SeaBee in Vietnam. When he returned home from the military, he traveled all over the state of Montana with his young family building our interstate system. He later founded Prickly Pear transport, a small log transport company. However, his desire to be home with his family brought him back to his love of operating. He started Gruber Excavating with a dump truck and backhoe digging basements, waterlines and septic systems. He soon grew and began employing nephews and close friends to in order to keep up with the demand for his quality and honest work.

In 2005, Bill hired his then, soon to be son in law, Chris. With Bill’s guidance, Chris quickly took on the role of superintendent and then Vice President. In 2007, Bill hired another son-in-law, Chad as head mechanic and operator. Both Chris and Chad have proven over the years to be crucial to the success of the company. Chris and his wife Corri officially took over Gruber Excavating in January of 2015. Bill passed away in January 2016, but his legacy and commitment to the work he loved will continue through his family. Chris and Corri are committed to providing superior quality services with personalized service to the Community and surrounding areas.

Gruber Excavating Family

2015 Small Business of the Year Award

Gruber Excavating was honored to be the recipient of the Very Small Business of the Year Award. The award was presented during the Montana State University Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship State Farm Insurance Family Business Day on Oct. 10, 2014, in Bozeman.

Bill Gruber and blade excavating

The Legacy

“We are so proud of this company and what it stands for. Here (Bill, above) is a glimpse of where it all started. Without Bill, none of this would exist. So for him – for his love of machines, love for his work and love for all of us- we are thankful. We are honored to be doing the work he loved so much and to continue to serve this community that he was so proud of!”