Dust suppression & Ice Melt

dust suppression and ice melt

Dusty roads can cause unpleasant driving and living conditions, respiratory problems, and even stunted crop growth. We spray liquid magnesium chloride on unpaved surfaces to virtually eliminate dust. From driveways to county and privately owned roads – to construction yards, this product provides amazing results for dust suppression. In the winter, we use it to prevent and eliminate icy roads. Magnesium chloride is a liquid produced from naturally-occurring minerals. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals. When prep work and distribution is done correctly, this product not only suppresses dust, but binds the aggregate and holds the surface together. This creates less erosion and rutting while making the surface harder and more stable. This prolongs the time you will need before regrading and reduces the need for re-graveling.
We work with counties, homeowners, government entities and businesses all across the state. We coordinate grading, water, and delivery of product to ensure every job is as satisfying to the customer, as breathing clean, dust free air.

Dust control services are available in the greater Helena area, Bozeman, Butte and Great Falls.