highest quality landscaping products

Gruber Excavating stocks top-quality landscape materials for small and large-scale projects. We take pride in our high-grade topsoil, blended topsoil, and compost, and we are the region’s leading supplier of decomposed granite, which is used on trails, sports fields and in other specialized landscape projects. We also supply decorative landscape granite and sell sand for use in horse and livestock arenas. We deliver throughout the Helena area and the Northwest U.S.

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blended top soil landscaping materials

Our high grade blended topsoil is our screened topsoil blended with aged manure and rotted wood chips. We often refer to this as our garden soil. Perfect for starting a new garden, or adding to your existing vegetable garden and flower beds.

no blend top soil landscaping materials

We offer the finest grade topsoil in the Helena area and beyond. We skillfully screen quality, native soil to remove rocks and any other unwanted materials.

decomposed granite landscaping materials

Our favorite and most unique product! Clancy is built on decomposed granite. The next closest source of this specific breakdown is three states away. We screen it to reduce it down to sand-like fines that are perfect for walking tracks, running (school) tracks and baseball fields. It is also widely used as for landscaping and xeriscaping, creating beautiful areas of all sizes.

magnesium chloride dust supr4ession

Magnesium chloride is a liquid produced from naturally-occurring minerals. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals. In the summer months it is used for dust suppression and through the winter it is used to melt and/or prevent icy roads.

arena sand

A unique blend of sand and screened decomposed granite. This combination gives you just the right give and texture that you and your animals desire. The granite also leaves you with less dust, giving you a more enjoyable and healthier environment.


A mixture of bovine manure and rotted wood chips. Provides nutrients without adding harmful nitrates into the soil.